Find yummy treats hard to avoid when kept in the house? Here are 4 ways to make it easier.

Do you find it hard to avoid the yummy foods that are around for your kids and family?

I get it. My daughter and husband easily self regulate and do not over consume palatable foods such as chips, cookies, and ice cream. They are active and healthy, so I don’t limit what they keep around the house.

These are the 4 ways I’ve found helpful to manage my behavior and tendencies around highly palatable foods, since historically, I found it hard to regulate myself with these foods.

These are also the strategies I recommend to my clients with family’s to help them navigate their own food environment.

1. Make a mental barrier. In your mind, label the food as theirs. Not yours. That’s “the kids food or snack.”

2. Make a physical and visual barrier. The less convenient it is to access and the less we see it, the less likely we are to act on the impulse to grab it.

3. Make a swap. Will power is finite. Having snacks that better align us with our goals is another great option. Air popped popcorn instead of chips or a protein smoothie instead of ice-cream are nice options.

4. Make a pairing. Portion and pair a small amount to enjoy along with an otherwise high protein and satiating mixed meal.

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