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The Art Of Meal Prep For

Sustainable Living

The Art of Meal Prep for Sustainable Living, is a book that makes easy work of what is often the hardest part of health and fitness to get right! From a few simple tips and tricks, to getting your whole weeks worth of meals ready, this book can really make it that much easier! The ability to adjust the meals to your specific needs and preferences is fantastic. Everything is simple and easy to understand, and of course delicious! Whether you use a few or use them all, there are recipes in this book that will become a staple for you! -Danie V.

Melanie has managed to put together an amazing collection of recipes which are not only macro friendly and easy to make, they are incredibly delicious! This recipe collection is a must have for anyone. Every recipe is easy to make, full of flavour and fits into my lifestyle! Thank you Melanie for sharing all your wonderful creations! -Wendy D.

I am just loving the cookbook! So many great recipes, and everyone that I’ve made so far has been super delicious!! -Susan H.

Your cookbook is amazing! I love it! So far everything is delicious and so helpful for bulk prep. -Suzanne F.

Save time, save money, and reach your fitness goals by using my favorite recipes perfect for meal prep! Find the joy of cooking and eating again while still reaching your goals! No more wondering what you should eat and succumbing to takeout or calorie dense convenience foods. These are the recipes I have personally created and used consistently to lose and keep off over 145 lbs!! Most recipes are packed with protein so if you want to lose fat and build muscle having these foods made ahead of time will ensure you make your goals happen. I’ve also included my favorite quick recipes for those times when your meal prepped foods run low. That way you have no excuse not to eat well. Calorie and macronutrient breakdown included with every recipe. All recipes are kid and husband approved!

Cookbook contains 60+ recipes and features clickable links in the table of contents to easily find each recipe!

Ready to purchase? Send me an email at melaniewales.sustainableliving@gmail.com with your preferred email address that way I can send the E Cookbook PDF to you. After I receive your email address and payment I will send it your way.  Since this isn’t an automatic download allow me a little grace to send it, but I will still send within 24 hours. Any issues and I will refund you in full. This cookbook was a labor of love and I only wish to offer you my favorite delicious recipes in one convenient location so you can reach your goals too!

The Art Of Meal Prep For Sustainable Living

60+ Macro Friendly Recipes


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