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My Top 5 High Fiber Carbohydrate Grocery Staples

Carbohydrate rich foods are wonderful sources of fiber, energy and micronutrients.

We should get at least 10g of fiber per 1,000 calories we eat. Keeping these high fiber low calorie carbohydrate food sources on hand will make your meals more filling and satiating.

Next are my top 5 carbohydrate sources and portions that are also high in fiber.

  1. Apples– 200g 115 calories 5g fiber
  2. Rolled Oats-40g 155 calories 4g fiber
  3. Canned Beans-130g 120 calories 4g fiber
  4. Frozen Berries-200g 110 calories 8g fiber
  5. Broccoli-200g 80 calories 5g fiber

Carbohydrate rich foods should not be confused with ultra processed highly palatable foods such as ice cream, cake, candy, cookies, chips, etc…

These foods often contain just as much fat as they do carbohydrates. They are usually low in fiber and protein and should be enjoyed in moderation.

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Fit Recipes!

Free Recipe: High Performance Breakfast Bowl

When it comes to breakfast, meet my morning staple. Loaded with all the good stuff to keep me feeling energetic and capable to tackle the day. I want to train hard during my workouts and still have energy to take care of my work and life to do list. This is for the those with high performance goals. Meet life’s demands and feel like a badass of mind and body all day long! And did I mention it’s delicious??

Serves 1

573 calories

36g protein

85g carbohydrate

10g fat


240ml 2% milk

40g rolled oats

30g whey protein powder (flavor of choice)

10g sugar free instant pudding mix (flavor of choice)

100g sliced ripe banana

100g frozen berries

pinch of salt

Optional: 10g zero calorie sweetener or choice sprinkles on top


On the stove top or microwave, cook the oats in the milk until softened. In a glass storage bowl (bonus if it has a matching lid) measure out your protein powder, pudding mix, and add a pinch of salt. Add your cooked oats in milk to the bowl with your measured dry ingredients and whisk together for 1 minute. This will help it to thicken. Top with the fruit and optional sweetener. Enjoy right away, in a couple hours, or even make the night before. If, enjoying later, store in the refrigerator or cooler with ice packs. Mix and match flavors of protein powder, pudding mix, and fruits to keep things fun!

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Find yummy treats hard to avoid when kept in the house? Here are 4 ways to make it easier.

Do you find it hard to avoid the yummy foods that are around for your kids and family?

I get it. My daughter and husband easily self regulate and do not over consume palatable foods such as chips, cookies, and ice cream. They are active and healthy, so I don’t limit what they keep around the house.

These are the 4 ways I’ve found helpful to manage my behavior and tendencies around highly palatable foods, since historically, I found it hard to regulate myself with these foods.

These are also the strategies I recommend to my clients with family’s to help them navigate their own food environment.

1. Make a mental barrier. In your mind, label the food as theirs. Not yours. That’s “the kids food or snack.”

2. Make a physical and visual barrier. The less convenient it is to access and the less we see it, the less likely we are to act on the impulse to grab it.

3. Make a swap. Will power is finite. Having snacks that better align us with our goals is another great option. Air popped popcorn instead of chips or a protein smoothie instead of ice-cream are nice options.

4. Make a pairing. Portion and pair a small amount to enjoy along with an otherwise high protein and satiating mixed meal.

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