Fitness Tips

Stay Fit While Traveling: My Top 5 Tips

My top 5 fitness tips for traveling!

Guess what!? They are the same tips I recommend all year around no matter where you find yourself in the world. We bring ourselves anywhere we go and these basics will always help us reach, maintain, and level up our fitness. Even while traveling.

Stay proactive with these habits so you can feel good wherever life takes you.

1. Cook and prepare your own meals most of the time. Choose accommodations that have at least a mini fridge and microwave and you can make all kinds of delicious and healthy meals.

2. Grocery shop: upon arrival get to a local store. Grab some easy lean proteins, fruits, veggies, plus some healthy snacks.

3. Walk: Stay active by exploring new places on foot.

4. Don’t snack: Mindless snacking makes it so easy to overeat. Have a well rounded breakfast, lunch, and dinner centered around a lean protein plus a fruit and/or veggie.

5. Exercise: Don’t let the excuse of not having equipment or gym access stop you from training! A solid session of weight training is great, but you can do a lot with bodyweight only exercises. When my fitness coaching clients are traveling I always make sure to provide them with a fun and quick full body- bodyweight workout.

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