Fitness Tips

Build an active and enjoyable life to have weight loss results that last.

Learning how to lose weight sustainably and actually keep it off is not a quick process. If it were as simple as most supermarket magazines make it out to be none of us would struggle with weight management.

In some ways I don’t even like the term losing when it comes to a weight loss or fitness journey because it doesn’t describe the whole picture. Yes, I have lost weight on my own journey, but what I have really done is build. I’ve built my mind and body through learning how to consistently make healthier choices and by building a love for having an active lifestyle. A lifestyle filled with tasty food and fun training that also aligns me with my goals.

To go on an empowering fitness journey I suggest this. Rather than focusing on what you want to LOSE, adjust your perspective and start focusing on what you want to BUILD.

Build consistency, build inner and outer strength, and build a love of the journey. This is what will make the difference. It does not mean that the process is easy and will happen without effort. Building anything new is difficult and there are a lot of learning curves along the way.

But it certainly is possible to make big shifts with time, a clear goal, and a good plan. If you are interested in having me assist you on your own fitness journey check out my one on one online fitness coaching service. I’d love to help you build your own active lifestyle that you love. That way you can get results and learn how to keep them! Link to my website is below for more information.