Fitness Tips

Simple and practical weight loss advice. The things I did and still do to lose weight and keep it off.

Over the course of losing and keeping off over 145lbs I have learned quite a bit about what it takes to make weight loss not only possible, but also sustainable.

Here are a few practical things I did to lose weight and what I still do to maintain my results.

1. Meet a daily step goal to ensure regular activity.

2. Resistance train with a focus on progressive overload to build muscle and strength.

3. Keep track of my total calories and prioritize protein and fruits or veggies with each meal to align my nutrition with my goals while still including some fun foods in moderation.

4. Do the above consistently.

5. Believe it is possible and that my efforts are worth it!

There is nothing quick or special about what I have done to lose weight or keep it off. At the end of the day, it comes down to diet and exercise, but our mindset is also so important. The process is slow. Some weeks we can feel like no progress is happening at all. Sometimes we need to make an adjustment to our plan while resisting the temptation to do something drastic. Knowing how and when to focus on fat loss, diet breaks, a reverse diet, or gaining muscle can seem overwhelming and confusing. Coaching ourselves while remaining objective to make the best choices for our unique circumstances and long term goals is easier said than done. Which is why I love helping others on their journeys!

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Fitness Tips

Quick Tip: How To Make Tacos Diet Friendly

A quick tip about making macro friendly and delicious tacos!

When making tacos, rather than using a starchy carb source both inside and as the wrap, pick 1 instead. This will help keep the overall calories in check.

In the top photos, I’m sticking to romaine lettuce as my wraps because I have rice, corn, and beans inside my filling.

In the bottom photos, I have fresh and cooked lower calorie, non starchy veggies as my filling so I am using regular flour wraps.

Little adjustments like these do not take away the yumminess of the tacos, but help ensure a lower calorie meal.

Bonus Tip: Use non fat Greek yogurt in place of sour cream.

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The Art Of Meal Prep for Sustainable Living

Fitness Tips

Keep Leveling Up. Weight Loss is only the beginning.

If you follow me on IG you already know my latest news, but here sharing in my blog too. If you are new to me, over the course of my transformation I have lost 145lbs since having my daughter in 2016. I did this all naturally through diet and exercise and many rounds of cutting reversing, and maintaining. I went from the photo on the left to the one in the middle.

Then 10 weeks ago I took a big step and had a full tummy tuck to remove the extra skin I had on my lower abdomen as well as a breast lift and augmentation. (The weight loss plus 2 years and 9 months of breast feeding left me with nothing😂 and yes you can lose weight while breast feeding! I lost over 100lbs and my milk supply was fine!) The photo on the right was taken yesterday. I am ahead of the curve on my recovery and back at it with regular training and nutrition aligned with my fitness goals.

Something I am a big advocate about is reminding people that this process takes a long time and loads of patience, but it is worth the wait. It’s imperative that we create new and lasting habits along the way so we can not only keep our results, but improve them year after year. This is so much better than a quick fix that dissolves even faster due to unsustainable approaches and unrealistic expectations. (If I didn’t have good habits already in place that I maintained post op, things could look very differently right now.)

Over on IG I share loads about my journey via weekly updates in my stories and regularly post macro friendly recipes, full days of eating, and training videos.

I hope you enjoy and find my content helpful🤗.

Whatever your goals, you’ve got this! The little things we do each day add up big time if we don’t quit.👊

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Fitness Tips

The 2 Simple Habits I Do Daily To Help Me Reach My Fitness Goals

2 simple and practical things I do to help me reach my daily nutritional and activity goals.

1. I enjoy my fruit or vegetable and a glass of water at the beginning of my meals. This helps ensure I eat slowly, I chew my food, and creates more satisfaction from my meal as a whole. It gives my body more time to recognize that I have eaten my meal.

2. I take extra trips around the house and up and down the stairs when doing my everyday tasks.

It can be hard to build new habits when it comes to creating a healthier and active lifestyle. That’s why it is best to keep things as simple as possible.

Start fresh everyday and do your best.

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Fitness Tips

My fitness journey, nearly 5 years in. 145lbs down and stronger than ever! Sustainable, long term weight loss is possible.

Don’t underestimate what you can do with time. Most people give up too quickly. They expect results to be faster. This has taken nearly 5 years. This did not happen from doing endless hours of cardio and from eating as little as possible and only eating “clean” foods. I tried that approach many times before and any results I did get never lasted long. I often felt hopeless. That something was wrong with me. I thought I was meant to be a heavier person and that due to genetics, hormones, etc… this was just how life was going to be. But then something unexpected happened. I got pregnant and gained even more weight rapidly! My pregnancy ended up being high risk. I had to deliver my precious baby early since I developed preeclampsia. Just home from the hospital with my 4 lb baby to care for, I knew once and for all I was finished with all this yo-yo diet nonsense. I was going to lose the weight, I was going to get strong, I was going to do it sustainably, and I was going to love myself every step of the way. I chose to focus less on the big picture and instead focused on the small things I could do each day.

During nap time I dove deep into learning about science based approaches for sustainable fat loss. I applied what I was learning and upped my protein intake, started resistance training to build muscle, and used a small calorie deficit to elicit fat-loss. I have only ever lost around 3/4 a pound on average a week during while dieting. Yes, that’s right. I’ve utilized diet breaks, calorie cycling, reverse dieting, and other tactics to make it easier to adhere to rigors of being in a calorie deficit. I’ve taken long periods at maintenance to ensure that the fat-loss results I achieved were results I could maintain on an enjoyable amount of food and a realistic amount of activity.

Nearly 5 years in and you better believe that I am so glad I never gave up even when there were days and weeks that I felt so far away from my goals.

If you are curious to have me as your 1 on 1 coach so I can help you along your own sustainable fitness journey find more details about my affordable fitness coaching service through my website. Link below. I will never guarantee “rapid results”. But I can help you learn about sustainable techniques for your body and mindset so you can have lasting results. You will still have to do the work, but I will use my knowledge and experience to help remove the guesswork out of the process so you can achieve your goals with a custom program based on you, your starting point, goals and preferences.💚

Fitness Tips

Build an active and enjoyable life to have weight loss results that last.

Learning how to lose weight sustainably and actually keep it off is not a quick process. If it were as simple as most supermarket magazines make it out to be none of us would struggle with weight management.

In some ways I don’t even like the term losing when it comes to a weight loss or fitness journey because it doesn’t describe the whole picture. Yes, I have lost weight on my own journey, but what I have really done is build. I’ve built my mind and body through learning how to consistently make healthier choices and by building a love for having an active lifestyle. A lifestyle filled with tasty food and fun training that also aligns me with my goals.

To go on an empowering fitness journey I suggest this. Rather than focusing on what you want to LOSE, adjust your perspective and start focusing on what you want to BUILD.

Build consistency, build inner and outer strength, and build a love of the journey. This is what will make the difference. It does not mean that the process is easy and will happen without effort. Building anything new is difficult and there are a lot of learning curves along the way.

But it certainly is possible to make big shifts with time, a clear goal, and a good plan. If you are interested in having me assist you on your own fitness journey check out my one on one online fitness coaching service. I’d love to help you build your own active lifestyle that you love. That way you can get results and learn how to keep them! Link to my website is below for more information.

Fitness Tips

3 tips to lose weight for results that last

Over 4 and half years between these pictures. Not only have I kept my results, they keep getting better.

I get a lot of questions about how to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Here are a few of my tips:

1. Be Patient! Sustainable results are slow going. If the process was quick and easy we would all be walking around in our dream bodies. Losing 2-4 pounds a month is amazing progress!

2. Set daily realistic goals that you can actually achieve. Come this January if you haven’t exercised in months, don’t expect to hit it hard from the start, training 6 days a week an hour everyday. This will burn you out.

3. Celebrate all of your wins, big and small. If you make a mistake. That’s okay. Learning how to lose weight and keep it off is a skill. It takes practice. Don’t beat yourself up. Be kind and keep going.

If you are curious about what it would be like to have me as your one on one coach to help you reach your own fitness goals check out my online fitness coaching service and also read my client testimonials. All found on my website. Link below. I know the kind of work it takes to make this journey successful, but I also know how to make it both enjoyable and empowering too. I currently have some spots open for the start of the new year 2021 if you are ready to learn how to make results that last.🤗

Fitness Tips

I’ve lost weight and kept it off. The latest results of my mini cut. I’m now 143 pounds down!

I am down 143 pounds in total now since having my daughter February 2016. Less than half my starting weight. Only from training at home with my daughter by my side.

My transformation has not been quick. I have never seen a huge change in 8 or even 12 weeks.

But my results, though slow, are lasting and sustainable and they only get better in time.

In the last 8 weeks of my nearly 5 year journey I went on a mini cut with the goal of losing 8-10 pounds in 8 weeks.

Here are my results.

Down 9 pounds

Down 2 inches off my waist

Hit a Hip Thrust personal best of 375 for 4 reps.

I didn’t miss a day of steps, training, or nailing my nutritional targets.

I had pizza on the weekends via calorie cycling.

I had chocolate everyday through flexible dieting, I just made sure I was still compliant to my calorie and macro targets.

My calories never dropped below an average of 2,090 a day and 250g of carbs. This is because I was easily maintaining my weight before the mini cut on an average of 2,700 calories. There was no need to slash my calories too low.

Now my focus shifts back to the goal of maintaining my weight loss. This is just as much as a goal as losing the weight was.

I want you to know what is possible with time and consistency. It is not only possible to get results, but keep them as well.

Learning how to lose weight and keep it off is a skill that everyone can learn. It is not easy, but like with any skill you will get better at it with practice.

If you are interested in having me coach you along your own journey to lose weight and keep it off for good then check out my online fitness coaching service. If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, and get stronger in a sustainable way I am here to help. Find out more by going to my website. Link Below.

Fitness Tips

I’m now half my starting size. Tips for losing weight and keeping it off for good.

This week I have reached a big milestone on own my fitness journey. On the measure of scale weight I am now half my starting weight from where I was nearly 5 years ago at the birth of the preemie daughter. If my journey was only about losing weight however I don’t think I would of been nearly as successful. My journey was also about building muscle, increasing my strength, and gaining an understanding of how to enjoy delicious food while aligning it with my fitness goals at the same time.

My transformation has not been quick. But my results are lasting and they continue to improve over time.

Improving your body composition is a skill and an art form. You will get better at it over time with practice. My advice for getting and keeping your results.

Be Patient

Be Consistent

Train Hard And Smart

Trust the Process

If you make a mistake, learn from it and move on.

If you are interested in having me coach you on your own fitness journey check out my Online Fitness Coaching Service. I’d love to take the guess work out of it for you so that you can start getting the sustainable results you deserve.