Fitness Tips

Simple and practical weight loss advice. The things I did and still do to lose weight and keep it off.

Over the course of losing and keeping off over 145lbs I have learned quite a bit about what it takes to make weight loss not only possible, but also sustainable.

Here are a few practical things I did to lose weight and what I still do to maintain my results.

1. Meet a daily step goal to ensure regular activity.

2. Resistance train with a focus on progressive overload to build muscle and strength.

3. Keep track of my total calories and prioritize protein and fruits or veggies with each meal to align my nutrition with my goals while still including some fun foods in moderation.

4. Do the above consistently.

5. Believe it is possible and that my efforts are worth it!

There is nothing quick or special about what I have done to lose weight or keep it off. At the end of the day, it comes down to diet and exercise, but our mindset is also so important. The process is slow. Some weeks we can feel like no progress is happening at all. Sometimes we need to make an adjustment to our plan while resisting the temptation to do something drastic. Knowing how and when to focus on fat loss, diet breaks, a reverse diet, or gaining muscle can seem overwhelming and confusing. Coaching ourselves while remaining objective to make the best choices for our unique circumstances and long term goals is easier said than done. Which is why I love helping others on their journeys!

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Fitness Tips

Quick Tip: How To Make Tacos Diet Friendly

A quick tip about making macro friendly and delicious tacos!

When making tacos, rather than using a starchy carb source both inside and as the wrap, pick 1 instead. This will help keep the overall calories in check.

In the top photos, I’m sticking to romaine lettuce as my wraps because I have rice, corn, and beans inside my filling.

In the bottom photos, I have fresh and cooked lower calorie, non starchy veggies as my filling so I am using regular flour wraps.

Little adjustments like these do not take away the yumminess of the tacos, but help ensure a lower calorie meal.

Bonus Tip: Use non fat Greek yogurt in place of sour cream.

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The Art Of Meal Prep for Sustainable Living

Fitness Tips

3 tips to lose weight for results that last

Over 4 and half years between these pictures. Not only have I kept my results, they keep getting better.

I get a lot of questions about how to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Here are a few of my tips:

1. Be Patient! Sustainable results are slow going. If the process was quick and easy we would all be walking around in our dream bodies. Losing 2-4 pounds a month is amazing progress!

2. Set daily realistic goals that you can actually achieve. Come this January if you haven’t exercised in months, don’t expect to hit it hard from the start, training 6 days a week an hour everyday. This will burn you out.

3. Celebrate all of your wins, big and small. If you make a mistake. That’s okay. Learning how to lose weight and keep it off is a skill. It takes practice. Don’t beat yourself up. Be kind and keep going.

If you are curious about what it would be like to have me as your one on one coach to help you reach your own fitness goals check out my online fitness coaching service and also read my client testimonials. All found on my website. Link below. I know the kind of work it takes to make this journey successful, but I also know how to make it both enjoyable and empowering too. I currently have some spots open for the start of the new year 2021 if you are ready to learn how to make results that last.🤗

Fit Recipes!

Enjoy candy and reach your fitness goals with this easy high protein recipe.

Recipe: 5 Minute No Bake Crustless Candy Topped Protein Cheesecake

Learn how to enjoy candy and reach your fitness goals at the same time with this delicious high protein dessert or snack. This macro friendly recipe is here to help you enjoy candy in moderation. Shown with a double portion because I had the room in my own calorie and macro budget. When it comes to recipes and customizing for your own needs, go for it and make some tweaks.

Serves 1

209 calories

22g protein

20g carbohydrate

4g fat

*macros may vary slightly depending on which candy you choose


15ml 1% milk 
10g PEScience CakePop Select Protein Powder 
5g Jello Cheesecake Instant Pudding Mix 
125g nonfat Greek yogurt 
1 snack size candy bar of choice 


In a small bowl mix the milk with the protein powder and pudding mix. It will make a thick frosting like consistency. Then stir in the yogurt mixing well. Finish by topping with your crumbled candy bar of choice. Viola! Done!! Can be enjoyed right away or made ahead of time for an easy breakfast, snack or dessert. Enjoy within a day or two of preparing. Store in the refrigerator.


Enjoy on it’s ow or with some fresh fruit.

This is one of 45+ recipes you will find in my e cookbook. Every recipe is designed to be both delicious and to help you reach your fitness goals! Find the link to my e cookbook below. Every week I am adding new recipes. Once purchased you will have access to every recipe including any new ones added in the future. That way you always stay inspired with your food!

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Fit Recipes!

Easy and quick recipe so you can make your own energy protein bars at home!

Recipe~No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Protein Bars

These bars are an easy and inexpensive energy dense snack perfect for the work week or while running errands. Great to bring along to keep hunger at bay and they also taste great! So much better than a store bought bar! Kiddos also love them!! For an easy and on the go complete meal pair with a piece of fruit and a single serve Greek yogurt. Keep cold in a cooler unless you plan to enjoy within an hour or two of removing from the refrigerator. They are not shelf stable.

Serves 16

For 1 serving (89g)

318 calories

18g protein

31g carbohydrate

15g fat


500g old fashioned oats

403ml coconut milk (1 can)

200g PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein Powder (or other favorite protein powder, a vegan protein works too!)

200g natural peanut butter

150g chocolate chips

1/4 tsp ground pink Himalayan salt


Grind the oats in a food processor. Put the ground oats in a large mixing bowl. Add the chocolate chips and salt.

In a food processor or blender, blend the coconut milk, peanut butter and protein powder.

Pour this mixture into the oats and raisins and stir until it is all combined. It will be gooey!

On a parchment lined cookie sheet pour the mixture. Add another layer of parchment on top to help you spread the gooey and sticky mixture flat and even.

Place in the refrigerator to set. This will take a day. You will know they are all the way set when they remove easily from the parchment. You can still cut and eat them when they are still sticky, but it makes it much easier if they are all the way set. Makes 16, 89g bars. Store for up to 5-6 days in the refrigerator or store individually in the freezer so you have easy snacks ready for whenever you need a quick and filling snack.

This is one of 45+ recipes you will find in my e cookbook. Every recipe is designed to be both delicious and to help you reach your fitness goals! I am adding more recipes weekly. With the purchase of my cookbook you will always have access to the new recipes coming in too at no extra charge! Find the link to my e cookbook below.

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Fitness Tips

I’ve lost weight and kept it off. The latest results of my mini cut. I’m now 143 pounds down!

I am down 143 pounds in total now since having my daughter February 2016. Less than half my starting weight. Only from training at home with my daughter by my side.

My transformation has not been quick. I have never seen a huge change in 8 or even 12 weeks.

But my results, though slow, are lasting and sustainable and they only get better in time.

In the last 8 weeks of my nearly 5 year journey I went on a mini cut with the goal of losing 8-10 pounds in 8 weeks.

Here are my results.

Down 9 pounds

Down 2 inches off my waist

Hit a Hip Thrust personal best of 375 for 4 reps.

I didn’t miss a day of steps, training, or nailing my nutritional targets.

I had pizza on the weekends via calorie cycling.

I had chocolate everyday through flexible dieting, I just made sure I was still compliant to my calorie and macro targets.

My calories never dropped below an average of 2,090 a day and 250g of carbs. This is because I was easily maintaining my weight before the mini cut on an average of 2,700 calories. There was no need to slash my calories too low.

Now my focus shifts back to the goal of maintaining my weight loss. This is just as much as a goal as losing the weight was.

I want you to know what is possible with time and consistency. It is not only possible to get results, but keep them as well.

Learning how to lose weight and keep it off is a skill that everyone can learn. It is not easy, but like with any skill you will get better at it with practice.

If you are interested in having me coach you along your own journey to lose weight and keep it off for good then check out my online fitness coaching service. If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, and get stronger in a sustainable way I am here to help. Find out more by going to my website. Link Below.

Fit Recipes!

Stick to your fitness goals with this easy low calorie and high protein dessert recipe!

Recipe~~~Light and Fruity Jello Yogurt Whip

Super high volume, high protein, and very low in calories.. oh yeah! This simple dessert or snack is a tasty way to help you adhere to a calorie deficit. This entire portion including the berries on top is only 100 calories and has 13g of protein! I also wanted to note that my 4 year old absolutely loved this. I had planned on sharing the recipe ages ago, but she ate it all before I could get a decent photo. So I had to make another batch. It ended up being a great way to get a little more protein in her meals too. Total bonus!

Makes 3 servings

Per 175g serving

70 calories

13g protein

4.5g carbohydrate

0g fat

Ingredients you’ll need

300g non fat Greek yogurt

1 packet Sugar Free Jello of Choice (our favorites are raspberry and cherry)

240ml water


Bring 120ml of water to a boil. Remove from heat.

Add the jello to the hot water and whisk for 1-2 minutes or until the jello is completely dissolved in the hot water.

Add the remaining 120ml of water (which was left room temperature) to the jello and stir.

In a medium sized storage container add the Greek yogurt. Then add the jello to the Greek yogurt and whisk until the jello is fully incorporated into the yogurt. It should be smooth with no lumps.

Cover and refrigerator to set. Overnight is best.

Serve with fresh or frozen fruit of your choice anytime you need a high volume, high protein and low calorie dessert or snack.

This is one of 45+ recipes you will find in my e cookbook. Every recipe is designed to be both delicious and to help you reach your fitness goals! Find the link to my e cookbook below.

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Fit Recipes!

3 Minute Apple Pie Protein Smoothie Recipe

Enjoy one of my favorite breakfast recipes. A seasonally inspired smoothie that is super easy, high in protein and so delicious! Only a couple of ingredients and it tastes like Apple Pie. Enjoy!😋

Makes 1 Smoothie

244 calories

24g protein

35g carbohydrate

1g fat

Ingredients you’ll need:

90g ripe frozen banana

110g unsweetened applesauce

30g PEScience Cake POP Select Protein Powder (or other favorite vanilla protein powder)

A dash or two of ground cinnamon

2-3 ice cubes

about 240ml of water, or enough to reach your desired smoothie consistency


Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.

This is one of 40+ recipes you will find in my e cookbook. Every recipe is designed to be both delicious and to help you reach your fitness goals! Find the link to my e cookbook below.

Find out more about everything I offer through my website.

Fitness Tips

Include these 3 things in your diet to help you stay full and satisfied while on your fat loss journey.

Staying full and satisfied while eating in a calorie deficit? Is that even possible..?! It sure is with your food choices. Pictured are 3 of my favorite things to include in my meals when aiming for fat loss. We often think of big salads, and don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love big salads, but it’s nice to have plenty of options. Fresh fruit, a soup with lean protein and veggies, and sparkling water are my go to’s when I am dieting. If you find yourself having a really hungry day, enjoy all of these in one meal and for about 450 calories you will feel full for ages!

If you are interested in having me coach you on your own fitness journey check out my Online Fitness Coaching Service. I’d love to take the guess work out of it for you so that you can start getting the sustainable results you deserve.

Fit Recipes!

Seasonally Inspired and Delicious Protein Pumpkin Pie Pancake Recipe!

Recipe~~~ Protein Pumpkin Pie Pancakes

Using my Protein Pumpkin Pie Mousse Recipe and layering it between Kodiak Protein Pancakes makes an incredibly delicious fall treat that contains 35g of protein and only 500 calories. Especially great for a special Sunday Brunch meal. 😋 I believe you can reach your fitness goals and love the food you are eating too!

Ingredients you will need!

125g canned pumpkin puree

125g nonfat Greek yogurt

10g PEScience Cake POP Select Protein Powder

10g Godiva White Chocolate Instant Pudding Mix

20ml 1% milk

7g pecans

7ml real maple syrup

Dash of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice

50g Kodiak Pancake Mix (or your favorite protein pancake mix)

75g 1% milk (or water)

Optional- non stick cooking spray

To make the mousse:

In a bowl mix the milk, cinnamon, protein powder and pudding mix. Will make a think frosting like consistency.

Add in the pumpkin and mix well. Then add in the yogurt and mix well.

To make the pancakes:

Combine the milk or water with the pancake mix and blend until the batter is smooth but still a bit thick. Pour the batter into 2 pancakes on a non stick skillet (can use nonstick cooking spray to prevent sticking) Cook over medium heat flipping once bubbles pop on the surface of the pancake. About 2 minutes. Cook an additional 1-2 minutes until the Pancakes are golden on both sides.

Serve with the mousse layered between and on top of the pancakes. Then top with the pecans and maple syrup.

Want to make more than one portion? Simply multiply the recipe by the number of servings you would like to make.

Serves 1

500 calories

35g protein

72g carbohydrate

9g fat

Leave off the toppings if you want to keep the calories even lower. Add more if you want to make them higher.

This is one of 40+ recipes you will find in my e cookbook. Every recipe is designed to be both delicious and to help you reach your fitness goals! Find the link to my e cookbook below.

Find out more about everything I offer through my website.