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Stick to your fitness goals with this easy low calorie and high protein dessert recipe!

Recipe~~~Light and Fruity Jello Yogurt Whip

Super high volume, high protein, and very low in calories.. oh yeah! This simple dessert or snack is a tasty way to help you adhere to a calorie deficit. This entire portion including the berries on top is only 100 calories and has 13g of protein! I also wanted to note that my 4 year old absolutely loved this. I had planned on sharing the recipe ages ago, but she ate it all before I could get a decent photo. So I had to make another batch. It ended up being a great way to get a little more protein in her meals too. Total bonus!

Makes 3 servings

Per 175g serving

70 calories

13g protein

4.5g carbohydrate

0g fat

Ingredients you’ll need

300g non fat Greek yogurt

1 packet Sugar Free Jello of Choice (our favorites are raspberry and cherry)

240ml water


Bring 120ml of water to a boil. Remove from heat.

Add the jello to the hot water and whisk for 1-2 minutes or until the jello is completely dissolved in the hot water.

Add the remaining 120ml of water (which was left room temperature) to the jello and stir.

In a medium sized storage container add the Greek yogurt. Then add the jello to the Greek yogurt and whisk until the jello is fully incorporated into the yogurt. It should be smooth with no lumps.

Cover and refrigerator to set. Overnight is best.

Serve with fresh or frozen fruit of your choice anytime you need a high volume, high protein and low calorie dessert or snack.

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