Fitness Tips

Fitness Transformation update and simple tips to make the most of your reverse diet.

I’m currently 5 weeks into my 5th reverse diet. Through my journey of losing and keeping off over 140 pounds since 2016 using both diet break and reverse dieting strategies have been instrumental in my success.

Being in a calorie deficit for long periods of time is hard. It has gotten more challenging the leaner I have gotten.

The process of dieting is as easy as it’s ever been because I have gotten more skilled at the process with time and practice. However my body and mind in a deficit does not function and recover nearly as well as when I am well fed. The food I have gained over the last few weeks has given me so much energy for life and I am able to really go for it in my training sessions to continue to develop my strength.

Progress does not end because the diet has ended. Fat loss has only been one facet and not the entire story of my transformation. Eating, building muscle, and getting stronger has been my primary focus and where I have devoted most of my time and focus. Not on dieting.

Here are 3 tips for those of you to help make the most of a reverse dieting phase:

1. Focus on how you feel each day. Not on how much you weigh. Before you weigh yourself, write down on a scale of 1-10 how your energy is that day. 10 being fantastic. This alternate scale number is an amazing indicator of your progress.

2. Create a performance goal for yourself and create a plan to work towards it. Use your added calories to help you get better at something you find enjoyable.

3. Remember that when it comes down to it, in life, our goals are to feel good, and to feel good, longterm. We want to be able to live a life we love and be there for the people who need us. I also plan to be a jacked and badass grandma one day. That will only happen if I keep working to make it happen NOW.

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