Fitness Tips

2 tips to help you stick to your fitness goals when eating out of your normal routine.

Something I have learned in the process of losing weight and successfully keeping off over the years is I have to be very mindful of my food choices especially when doing something out of my usual routine. Recently I was visiting my family to celebrate some birthdays and both take out pizza and cupcakes were on the menu. These foods are super delicious and I do enjoy eating them, however I find it easy to over consume them because they are so tasty! So what do I do to help me stick to my fitness goals at times like these??

The two tips to follow are what I use to navigate these types of situations. Hopefully they help you too!

Tip 1: To keep your portions appropriate with these kinds of calorie dense foods I recommend enjoying a big salad containing lots of veggies topped with a low calorie dressing first. This will allow you to eat slowly because a salad requires plenty of chewing time and will help fill your tummy up allowing you to be more satisfied from your meal overall.

Tip 2: Plan out your full day of eating using a calorie tracking app. Having some structure going into your day keeps the guess work out everything and then you can just enjoy the day without stressing over your food choices and how they may affect your progress on your fitness journey.

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