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This 5 Minute Protein Pumpkin Pie Mousse Recipe is here to save your diet this season!

Low Calorie, High Protein, and Tastes Like Pumpkin Pie. Need I say more?!

Here is the super simple Recipe👇🏻

125g canned pumpkin puree

125g nonfat Greek yogurt

10g PEScience Cake POP Select Protein Powder

10g Godiva White Chocolate Instant Pudding Mix

20ml 1% milk

7g pecans

7ml real maple syrup

Dash of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice

In a bowl mix the milk, cinnamon, protein powder and pudding mix. Will make a thick frosting like consistency.

Add in the pumpkin and mix well. Then add in the yogurt and mix well. Can be eaten right away or placed in the refrigerator for a short time to thicken a bit. Serve topped with the pecans and maple syrup. Enjoy within 2-4 days of preparing.

This makes a delightful breakfast, snack, or dessert elegant enough for company. Want to make more than one portion? Simply multiply the recipe by the number of servings you would like to make.

Serves 1

285 calories

25g protein

35g carbohydrate

6g fat

Leave off the toppings if you want to keep the calories even lower. Add more if you want to make them higher.

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