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Tips For Long Term Sustainable Weight Loss: 5 Proactive Habits You Can Start Now

Over the course of losing and keeping off 145lbs I have learned quite a bit about what it takes to make weight loss not only possible, but also sustainable.

Here are a few proactive habits you can begin doing now to help you get and stay fit long term.

1. Cook: make most of your meals at home.

2. Grocery shop: do this weekly to make sure you always have fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins available.

3. Walk: Move more often throughout the day. Bonus points if you can do it outside.

4. Don’t snack: Mindless snacking makes it so easy to overeat. Aim for 3-5 meals each containing at least 25g lean protein and a fruit and/or veg at consistent meal times.

5. Found Moment Exercise: Don’t let the excuse of not having enough time stop you from doing something! A solid session of resistance training is great. But if time is limited a set of push ups or bodyweight squats sprinkled throughout the day really add up!

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