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Life After A Diet: 3 tips to make the transition easier.

Progress does not end because a diet has ended.

Fat loss has only been one facet and not the entire story of my transformation.

Eating, building muscle, and getting stronger has been my primary focus and where I have devoted most of my time and focus.

Not on dieting.

Here are 3 tips for those of you nervous about getting out of a deficit for a reverse diet, maintenance phase, or build.

1. Focus on how you feel each day. Not on how much you weigh. Before you weigh yourself, write down on a scale of 1-10 how your energy is that day. 10 being fantastic. This alternate scale number is an amazing indicator of your progress.

2. Create a performance goal for yourself and create a plan to work towards it. Use your added calories to help you get better at something you find enjoyable.

3. Remember that when it comes down to it, in life, our goals are to feel good, and to feel good, longterm. We want to be able to live a life we love and be there for the people who need us. I also plan to be a jacked and badass grandma one day. That will only happen if I keep working to make it happen NOW.


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Fit Recipes!

Free Recipe: Zesty Zatar Lemon Dressing

Bright and zesty with lemon this easy dressing also combines well with the complex flavors of Zatar seasoning. Perfect for any veggie salad, it also pairs well with Mediterranean favorites such as olives, feta cheese, and hummus. Also a great marinade for chicken, fish, or lamb.

Makes 12 Servings

Per 30g Serving

79 calories

.1g protein

3g carbohydrate

7.4g fat

Ingredients you’ll need:

180ml lemon juice

90ml olive oil

30ml honey

1/2tsp garlic powder

10g Lakanto zero calorie granulated sweetener

1tsp ground pink Himalayan salt

2g xanthan gum

5g Zatar seasoning blend


Add everything to a blender or food processor (except the Zatar seasoning) and blend until smooth. Place in a storage container and stir in the Zatar seasoning blend. Keep refrigerated and enjoy within 10 days.

Pro Tip: Don’t skip the xanthan gum. It ensures the dressing will be smooth and well blended. It also keep the dressing from separating.

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